Jersey Coastal Live radio show on the Fancy Food Show

After my appearance on Jersey Coastal Live in May, the show's host Andrea Tarr and I decided to travel to the Fancy Food Show together in June. We've mulled over our favorite nibbles of the day and reconvened to chat about them. Listen to the show here.

Here are some of my favorites from the day that we talked about during the show and a few we ran out of time to discuss.

Grey Ghost Bakery- Pick up my faves, chocolate espresso or packs of 2 cookies perfect for lunchboxes
Olympia Provisions- Five words: Salami Of The Month Club! Plus this t-shirt
Alexian Pate- Utter decadence for carnivores and vegans (made in my home town!)
Bittermilk- Hand-crafted cocktail mixer compounds. Up your game with these fantabulous mixers.
Hella Bitters- Don't make cocktails (or iced coffee) with them
Port Morris Distillery- Puerto Rican-style moonshine. What?
Kitchens of Africa- Aromatic simmer sauces that will turn weeknight dinners into wow-worthy events
Apinya Thai Food- Pumpkin Panang, Coconut Harissa, Ghost Vindaloo- get in my tummy!
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream- They've had a hard year but the ice cream love lives on
Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co- hunt down their duck fat caramels, salt & pepper chocolate bars
Rococo Chocolates- Dark chocolate bars with violet, rose, basil & Persian lime
Masala Pop- Indian spiced, non-GMO popcorn snacks
Cypress Grove Chevre- Truffle Tremor goat cheese now in a "personal" 1 lb. mini size

Top honors from me:

Salt and Flint Confections- I'm wild about their bee pollen and honey caramels

(Correction: During the broadcast I said Olympia Provisions is from Washington State. They are in Oregon.)