This is my story.

I am an award-winning journalist with over twenty years of experience as a writer, editor and multimedia content producer. My work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Inside Jersey magazine, The Star-Ledger,,, and numerous other newspapers and websites.

In 2008, I followed my passion and attended culinary school.  I've worked the line at a fine dining restaurant, developed a line of specialty food products and was the founding chef at the first pay-what-you can community cafe on the East Coast.

My unique combination of a deep understanding of modern news gathering with professional kitchen savvy allows me to provide engaging content for readers.

I wrote The Gutsy Gourmet, a column for The Star-Ledger. It celebrated the people and places that make New Jersey’s food culture so vibrant.  In Season, a weekly column for explored innovative ways to use seasonal produce. Those pieces are collected in my book "New Jersey Fresh: Four Seasons from Farm to Table."

I currently write the Edible Exit column for Inside Jersey magazine. In each issue I visit five affordable restaurants in one city.



With a National Restaurant Association ServSafe certification tucked into my knife bag, I guarantee the cooking tips I give out are safe enough to use in commercial kitchens or in your home.

I teach professional and recreational culinary classes at several schools. I often do cooking demonstrations, private events and public speaking about cooking and local agriculture.

An avid gardener, I love to share the trials and tribulations of growing my own food. It brings me closer to the seasons and deepens my appreciation for farmers. After completing a yearlong internship program, I became a certified Master Gardener in 2018.

I am committed to helping people understand their food system and how to make seasonally inspired meals for their families from food grown locally.

Nothing makes me happier than mucking about in a field with a farmer, peeking under pot lids or shining a light on a small artisan food business.

Let's work together.

I'm available for:
Editorial assignments
Social media management
PR and marketing services
Speaking engagements
Culinary classes
Cooking demonstrations
Recipe development and testing