Dinner & A Dance Party Fridays

Many, many moons ago on my original blog, The Metaphorical Magpie, I used to post a weekly Friday Dance Party post. I'm bringing back the weekly grooves and adding a tasty component to the platter with Dinner & Dance Party Fridays. Each Friday, I'll pick a song with a food themed vibe and match it up with something to eat, too.

The Groove: "Brown Sugar" by D'Angelo.

D'Angelo - "Brown Sugar" Album: Brown Sugar Released: 1995

Today is the ten-year anniversary of my husband moving in with me. We'd only been together a few months but it just felt right to have him walk away from his oceanfront apartment and into my little bungalow.

When he got all settled in, I reluctantly had to put away the framed portrait of D'Angelo that had prominently been displayed on my nightstand for years. It was the right thing to do.

Now, I didn't say, I got rid of the picture. I actually found it last month when I cleaned out the nightstand to prepare for finally getting new bedroom furniture that we are choosing together.

I posted my old French provincial furniture set for sale on Etsy. Yet again, I'll need to find a new place to stash my photo of big D.

Nutty Nutella Morning Buns    Photo credit: Shawn Weston

Nutty Nutella Morning Buns    Photo credit: Shawn Weston

My husband's not mad at me. He bought me the new D'Angelo record, Black Messiah for Christmas and makes sure I know when he's going to be on tv. Before he even moved in he had earned the nickname Sweets. I guess by now he's pretty confident he can hold his own in the sugar department.

I'm testing recipes this week for several upcoming classes at Taste & Technique Culinary Studio. A buttery yeast dough slathered with chocolate goodness and set upon a brown sugar, butter and nut base before baking is sure to be a hit at my Mother's Day class. More importantly, they made my Sweets happy when they were waiting for him after work.